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Hillstone Healthcare


Ohio Based Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities.

Hillstone Healthcare’s History


Formerly HC Consulting/Management, HILLSTONE Healthcare, located in Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to continuing the tradition of providing operational expertise to the long-term care and seniors housing sectors since 2010.

Founded and built by Paul Bergsten along with partner Matt Dapore, HILLSTONE operates Ohio-based skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Built upon a strong foundation and dedication to excellence, HILLSTONE provides the highest level of quality care to its residents while simultaneously offering a rewarding work environment that feels more like a family than a 9-5.

HILLSTONE Healthcare consists of 17 skilled nursing facilities, each one dedicated to maximizing resident experience, resident care, and employee experience. For Paul, Matt, and the entire team at HILLSTONE, the heartbeat behind what they do is their mission-driven mindset to continue to improve the way we care for the elderly and aging in our communities, states, and country.

Running parallel with their goals of superb resident care, HILLSTONE has found success in coming alongside nursing facilities in financial and operational distress and restoring them to a highly-functional level of excellence. The result? Hundreds of people get to keep their jobs and resident-care is improved.


Paul Bergsten brings over 25 years of experience in long-term care into his role of CEO & Owner. Paul is a Board Member of the Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes, and he previously served at NP Insight, a nurse practitioner company, as the Owner and Founder. Paul received his undergraduate degree from Wright University.

Chief Operating Officer and Partner, Matt Dapore brings his operational expertise and passion for resident-first healthcare into his current role at HILLSTONE. He is Board President of the Ohio Person Centered Care Coalition and an Advisory Board Member of the Ohio Academy of Senior Health Sciences. Matt is a graduate of Ohio University with a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation.

HILLSTONE Healthcare is located on 544 Enterprise Drive Lewis Center, OH, 43035. For more information, be sure to contact HILLSTONE at 1-888-440-3127.

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