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The ultimate goal here being to talk about some of the best known nursing homes in the United States and create a valuable resource for people. America has a population that continues to age, and as they continue to get older, it would be helpful if they were to find a place where they can stay. Some of the ways that the best nursing homes were ranked on include:

  • Short-term and long-term rehabilitation
  • Emphasize staffing level and consistency
  • Best patient outcomes

Many Nursing Homes Evaluated

An estimated 15,000 nursing homes received an evaluation to determine the best ones in the nation. Using the tool, individuals can identify a nursing home that will help them best based on their condition like if they suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. How to choose one, however, will depend on the state that the person lives in. It would be difficult to provide a resource on this because of how everyone lives in different states.

Best Nursing Home State

In 2020, California seemed to rank the best with its nursing homes. They had the highest number on the list, and over 169 of them in California received a high performing rating. Some of the other states that did particularly well on the test included Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Alaska and Hawaii. With that said, people should always choose the nursing home carefully because they could be sending a vulnerable adult into a home, and they want to make sure that they will have a positive experience there.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Before someone might decide on a nursing home, they should ask plenty of questions because this will help them to decide on the right one. They should speak with the nursing staff that will provide different insights into how the nursing home gets run. This ensures that they receive the best experience possible.

People should speak with multiple people on the subject because this ensures that they will receive the best information. Individuals might also tour the grounds of the home because this will give them a better understanding for how they run things in the nursing home. The other thing is people have to figure out how they will pay for care and each home will differ in what insurance companies they work with.