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Did you know that the aging population in the United States is expected to surpass 90 million people by the year 2050? The country’s aging population throughout the country has highlighted the significance of elderly care resources. One of the most well-known resources for elderly care in assisted living facilities. 

In its most basic terms, assisted living facilities are a living facility designed for aging individuals who require some level of personal and/or medical care. These types of facilities are generally considered a good option for an aging loved one who requires some sort of assistance with personal or medical care. 

For example, if your loved one is experiencing issues with completing daily showers as a result of an ongoing medical issue, the professionals at assisted living facilities will be available to help your loved one complete each shower daily. Other services that are included as part of assisted living facilities include ongoing medication management, 24-hour emergency care, social and recreational activities, and housekeeping. 

Are Assisted Living Facilities Right For Your Loved One?
With so many options available for your aging loved one, it can be difficult to know if an assisted living facility is right for their needs. When first determining the next steps for an aging loved one, it is important to examine all of the services that they may need to thrive. 

To get a better idea of what to look for, determine if your loved one needs mostly personal care services, or if medical services are necessary as well. If they have medical conditions that require extensive care, this should be taken into consideration. Is their medical condition difficult or complicated to treat? Will your loved one require around-the-clock medical care? Asking yourself these questions can help narrow down the best options for your loved one. 

Aging loved ones in generally good health or with less severe medical conditions, who are interested in maintaining a social life may find assisted living facilities to be a great fit. Not only will they be able to participate in social activities with other assisted living residents, but they will have more freedom to do the activities that they are passionate about. To learn more about assisted living facilities, and if they are right for your loved one, visit our blog at