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As our parents get older and reach their senior years, their health begins to falter. They’re more prone to physical injuries and, in many cases, they develop cognitive impairments. These changes force us to consider providing them with daily care, but it may not be possible to continue caring for your elder loved ones at home. This guide will help you determine if it’s time to consider professional care for your elderly parents.

Do They Suffer From Medical Conditions?
It’s one thing to care for a loved one who has just become frail with age, but caring for someone who suffers from a serious medical condition is entirely different. Older adults are more likely to develop cancer, heart conditions, dementia, and other conditions that require more attentive care. In these situations, you may need to hire a nurse, or an in home caregiver to keep a closer eye on your loved one.

Do You Have a Packed Schedule?
If you have a family of your own and career obligations, you may not have the time to look after your elderly parent. Taking care of a senior can be a full-time job in itself, requiring visits throughout the day or night, administering medication, and ensuring daily needs are met. A family that already has a busy schedule won’t have the time to care for a loved one. In these situations, it’s often better for everyone involved to consider an assisted living facility, where the elderly loved one will get the attention they require.

Are You Prepared for the Situation to Worsen?
Even if you don’t have difficulty caring for your elderly loved one at present, you should be aware that their condition will change in the future. As people reach their later years of life, their physical and mental health will decline faster. This means they’ll require much more care, which might require knowledge of medical care practices. Caring for them will become more time-consuming as well, so you should prepare for the day when professional help will be needed.

There’s no shame in admitting that you need help caring for your elder loved one. It can become a stressful responsibility and it can be more complex than you anticipated. Seeking the right help for your senior parent will allow you to ensure they’re getting the level of care they need.