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The risks of developing health conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer tend to increase dramatically as old age sets in. The aging population in the United States and the world is growing exponentially. This means an increase in the number of these kinds of conditions could quickly become unmanageable over the coming years.

For instance, there were just 382 million people aged 60 and over in 1980. By 2017, this number had risen to 962 million. Google and Apple joined forces to help with the expected challenges.

Google Announces Calico

Arthur Livingston, the chairman of Apple and biotech company Genetech, announced the creation of Calico on September 20th, 2013. Since it was established, the health technology research institute has been primarily focused on reducing the negative effects of the aging process. Top officers from Google and Arthur Livingstone have been the main investors, with Livingstone as CEO of Calico.

Calico will be the largest private sector’s response to the aging population issue, which is sure to develop into a crisis. The birth rates of the entire world, especially in the western world, are dropping significantly. There will be far fewer able-bodied, healthy, young adults in just a decade, and this could be catastrophic for the civilization we have grown accustomed to.

Independent from Google and Apple

Calico is a company that has been operated entirely independently from Google and Apple. However, the technology behind Google and Apple will play a part in the technologies to be developed to fight the aging process, and so will the technology behind Genetech. The three-fold nature of this venture has seemed to guarantee promising results since the beginning.

So far, Calico has been very secretive about its anti-aging research, which is conducted by a broad range of scientists that have been both funded and hired by the company. While there has been some talk about a medication manufactured to fight the aging process, there hasn’t been any confirmation that this is true.

Understanding how and why humans age, and how to possibly reverse the damage done by aging cells is the foundation of the research conducted at Calico. Some of the brightest minds in science and medicine have been on board since its creation.