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Many people view aging with dread. Nevertheless, as humans live longer, we can do take steps to live healthy and productive lives as we get older. Here are some habits of people who age well.

Mediterranean Diet

A healthy diet is instrumental in reducing or reversing aging’s adverse effects. There is scientific consensus that a Mediterranean diet can help maintain strong bones and improve cardiovascular and neurological health. To gain the dietary benefits, eat more fruits, whole grains, vegetables, olive oil, legumes, and protein from poultry and fish.

Regular Exercise

You’re never too old to keep moving. Exercise has aging-benefits, but it requires more than a walk around the block. One of the best exercises is interval training, which involves alternating moderate and intensive activity in one session. Individuals who supplement their exercise with internal training have improved health at the cellular level.


Another habit that promote healthy aging is having a routine of meditation, which involves using breathing to focus your attention. Whether or not it’s for spiritual or religious purposes, meditation can slow aging and improve mental and physical health. Studies of telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, suggest that meditation positively impacts organ health and increases physical longevity.

Strong Social Connections

Having a network of family and friends impacts overall health, which is especially important in later life. People with stronger personal relationships tend to live longer and have fewer chronic diseases. Having others in your life to connect and spend time with can slow down cognitive and physical decline. The takeaway here is to stay in touch with friends and loved one, especially as you get older.

Positive Outlook

Optimism can do wonders for longevity and healthy aging. When bad things happen, having a positive outlook will help you overcome them and be relatively happy. People who have this mindset and avoid ageist stereotypes tend to have lower mortality rates and fewer health problems.

Final Thoughts

Aging often gets a bad rap because we tend to focus on the normal aspects of aging-related decline, such as hearing loss, muscle strength, and cognitive functioning. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to age well and live quality lives into our golden years.