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As the life expectancy for Americans grows longer and longer, nursing homes, hospice facilities, and in-home caretakers are playing more prominent roles in caring for our country’s elderly population. These days, senior citizens are suffering from a complex combination of physical degeneration and mental diseases that makes properly caring for them very challenging. Because of this reality, nursing homes have become a necessity for keeping America’s elderly healthy as they age.

Besides monitoring the health of the elderly, nursing homes also provide a broad range of personal and social services aimed at keeping senior citizens active, engaged, and happy. For those unfamiliar with the medical services that nursing homes provide, learning about the options and services available to your loved ones at different long-term care facilities is very important if you are trying to find the right fit for your elderly family member.

Medical Services Provided by Nursing Homes
Although services, benefits, and features do vary from facility to facility, all nursing homes provide basic room and board for their tenants. Some senior citizens suffer from various memory-related diseases that make remembering to eat, change their clothes, or lock their doors an impossible task.

Nursing facilities will generally place senior citizens on a healthy, well-rounded diet to ensure that they are getting medically-recommended nutrition on a daily basis.

Medication Monitoring
As we age, the amount of medication we take everyday generally increases. Unfortunately, for many senior citizens suffering from memory-related issues, it is extremely easy for them to forget to take their medicine. One key medical service that nursing homes offer is medication monitoring for all residents.

Medical practitioners at nursing homes ensure that the residents under their care will take their medication at the right intervals, which obviously keeps the residents healthier overall.

Personal Hygiene Assistance
Mobility is a challenge for almost all seniors. This is why the best nursing homes have plenty of nursing assistants on hand who can provide medical assistance for things like bathing, changing clothes, and using the toilet.

Around-the-Clock Emergency Care
Nursing home administrators understand that senior citizens might need emergency medical care at any time of day. This is why one very important medical service that nursing homes offer to their residents is 24-hour emergency care.