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There comes a time when an adult has to take care of their aging parents. This is the natural progression of life. While the early stages of this parental care are fairly easy, there may come a time when you just cannot handle all of the work. This is when it is best to rely on some outside help, but you may not feel completely comfortable leaving your parents in the care of a stranger. These are the three things you can do to gain trust with your aging parent’s new caregiver.

Perform Extensive Background Check

You should never let a stranger take care of your aging parents without performing an extensive background check. They may have a perfect resume and excellent references, but you still need to do your own research. A multi-state background check will pull up any incriminating information on the individual you are thinking about hiring. If you are using someone from a caregiver agency, then make sure they perform background checks on their employees. Finding an agency that performs background checks should not be too hard. This will save you a lot of hassles during a difficult time in your life.

Continue to Monitor Parent’s Health

While your parents may be under the care of a professional, that should not stop you from keeping track of their health. It is still your responsibility to make sure your parents are doing alright. The caregiver should not receive full responsibility over your parent’s life. Take the time to talk over every major decision with the caregiver. Get copies of the medical reports when tests are performed. You should still be the one calling the shots. The caregiver is just there to add extra assistance.

Make Unannounced Visits

A great way to see if a caregiver is doing their job properly is by making unannounced visits to see your parents. This will prevent the caregiver from hiding something they do not want you to see. If your parents look happy and healthy during these unannounced visits, then you know the caregiver is doing a good job. You can get an even better look at how things go when you are gone by installing a few hidden cameras in the house.