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The current global health crisis has demonstrated how inseparable economy and healthcare are. The covid-19 pandemic has cause unprecedented pressure on the health system. During the early stages, lack of knowledge led to many healthcare workers being infected. Currently, the overwhelming demand for protective equipment has left them unprotected. As a result, workplace rules for healthcare workers have had to change.

Anxiety and depression disorders are on the rise among healthcare workers. Emotional exhaustion has led to lower productivity and higher turnover rates. Infection of healthcare workers results in missing days. Additionally, it could lead to the virus being transmitted to friends and family. Research shows that healthcare workers with infected family members or friends are more vulnerable to stress.

Hospitals have been forced to step up and meet these challenges. They have been forced to postpone or scale down non-emergency care. The decision has had medical consequences for the patients as well as financial consequences to the hospitals. Coronavirus treatment has triggered a rising demand for certain supplies and medical equipment. The need for personal protective equipment such as N95 masks, ventilators and more ICU beds are rising. As health facilities try to cope, some have been forced to shut down or limit their services.

Social distancing is one of the mitigation measures to control the spread of covid-19. As a result, the supply chain has been highly disrupted. The cost of treating covid-19 patients has therefore increased. Both small and large enterprises have been forced to shut down. Some have been forced to lay down employees to survive. As a result, the number of unemployed people has increased, resulting in more uninsured patients. The government has tried to provide financial relief. However, more is still needed.

Although the pandemic has heavily weighed on non-profit hospitals, some healthcare systems are thriving. Without government funding, they would likely have experienced lower profit margins if not losses. In the first period after covid-19 hit, hospitals lost a lot as they tried to halt surgeries. However, the condition has improved the outlook seems to return closer to the pre-covid period. Hospitals have found ways to mitigate the financial strain caused by the coronavirus.